American military intervention in Syria may be pushing the world closer to a direct conflict between the United States and Russia. Let that sink in. Two of the largest global super powers, with enough weapons to annihilate each other (and then some), are inching closer to a potential military conflict. Tensions between the U.S. and Russia were further escalated when American forces recently shot down a Syrian plane, to which Russia naturally condemned by threatening to target American planes and their allies whom venture west of the Euphrates river. The question all Americans should be asking right about now is: is our involvement in Syria truly worth it?

This whole event is a prime example of the irrationality of American foreign policy and the blowback that results from it’s actions. It’s nearly impossible to undo the puzzle that is American involvement in Syria. After all, wasn’t President Trump supposedly the candidate that would help prevent a clash with Russia? It’s now apparent that even he is unable to stop the Washington war machine, if he was ever even serious about it to begin with. Serious dangers await us if we don’t change our course of action now. We need a rapid deescalation of the situation and peace and diplomacy, along with a huge helping of common sense, need to prevail.

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