Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has an impressive resume of bad ideas. I can probably count on one finger the number of things of which we share the same opinion. But something she recently said has got me cautiously optimistic.

During a radio interview, AOC called for abolishing the Department of Homeland Security, a sacred entity for neocons everywhere. Naturally, they popped a collective blood vessel.

Furthering her position, she later tweeted: “It’s really not that radical. When DHS was 1st formed by Bush 17 years ago, many members of Congress were concerned – incl GOP – that we were setting up a ticking time bomb for civil liberties erosion & abuse of power. Discussing reorganization shouldn’t be out of the question.”

“132 members – incl GOP & Independents – voted against creating the Dept of Homeland Security. Don’t let people rewrite history as if DHS/ICE always existed, or is a no-brainer. It’s a young agency, ill-conceived after 9/11 & sacrificed our civil liberties – like the Patriot Act.”

As of writing this, there haven’t been any reports of AOC having fallen ill or being replaced by a slightly more sensible clone/robot. It looks like she’s serious, guys. And I’ll give a smidgen of credit where credit’s due primarily because the DHS is the establishment’s pride and joy; it’s not going down without a fight.

After almost two decades of epic monetary waste and a brash dismantling of the Constitution, the case for abolishment has all but made itself.

Since DAY 1, the DHS’s guiding policy has been that the 4th Amendment is merely a figment of our imaginations. Agencies like the TSA, FEMA, or ICE, all under the DHS, have done considerable damage to the liberty they supposedly protect.

Right now, there’s a 100-mile thick area around the entirety of the U.S. border where the Constitution is basically null and void. Fusion centers, hubs for conducting mass surveillance on every American, are littered across the country. And do I even need to mention the TSA? They get their grubby little hands all over innocent Americans on a daily basis.

It’s bad, folks. And just as Benjamin Franklin warned, we’ve traded liberty for security and lost both.

But that’s not all we’ve lost. With a 2019 budget of nearly $50 billion, this ballooning behemoth has costed us boatloads of money, as well. Just like most aspects of big government, it’s wasteful by design. When the DHS was being voted on by Congress back in 2002, then Congressman Ron Paul could see it for what it really was.

“The lesson learned from the rush to create a Homeland Security department is that the size and scope of government grows regardless of which party is in power. The federal government now devours a whopping 40% of the nation’s GDP, the highest level since World War II – and a massive new department can only make things worse. The Homeland Security bill provides a vivid example of the uncontrolled spending culture in Washington, a culture that views the true source of political power – your tax dollars – as unlimited.”

Pulling the plug on the DHS would be a gift to all Americans. So I ask, AOC, please dedicate ALL of your energy into making this happen. This is a big job and requires every ounce of your attention. No need to worry about all that other stuff. Okay? Just this. Thanks.


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