Before the recent peace talks between U.S. and Taliban leaders went totally kaput, neoconservatives were practically in tears over the possibility that America’s longest war could come to an end.

For sane people like you and me, that would’ve been welcomed news. For neocons, it’s doomsday.

During a recent interview with Fox News, professional warhawk Senator Lindsey Graham warned that leaving Afghanistan would lead to another 9/11. But don’t you worry, Sen. Graham has just the plan to keep that from happening. Stay there forever!

What a fantastic plan …for provoking another 9/11.

You see, warhawks like Graham stake their worst ideas on the shortness of the American attention span. After all, it wouldn’t be very convenient for them if we all remembered that it was precisely an American military presence in the Middle East that was one of the key motivators for the September 11th attacks in the first place. This was cited by Bin Laden himself as a major reason.

But never you mind that. No, we must continue listening to the very same people that have promoted every major foreign policy blunder in recent memory. You’d think with such a track record we’d stop taking them seriously and realize they have zero credibility. We’ve been in Afghanistan for 18 years and their plan is to keep selling this unwinnable, unconstitutional, wasteful, and destructive war.

And for what? Most Americans have been turning against these wars in recent years anyway. According to a poll by Pew Research, 58% of U.S. adults and 59% of military veterans believe that the war in Afghanistan wasn’t worth fighting. But I guess not even that, or the tens of thousands of lives, billions of dollars wasted, and nearly two decades isn’t enough for creeps like Graham.

It’s clear neocons want their forever wars and if they have to pull out the “another 9/11” card to scare us all into going along, they’ll do just that.

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