Earlier this week, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky spoke before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the dangers of perpetual war-making. During the hearing, which purpose was to review authorizations to use military force issued by Congress, Paul made clear that in terms of war-making, Congress reigns supreme, not the president. He spoke out against the hyper-interventionist foreign policy and the illegal wars conducted by a Congress that has given up its power to declare war to the president.

As the generation with the largest number of active duty servicemen and women currently serving, I’d say this is a debate we need to be paying attention to. Under current provisions from the various authorizations to use military force, the U.S. could potentially carry out military operations in nearly 60 countries according to Senator Paul. Do we honestly believe fighting in Yemen is for our national interest? I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until the message is clear: war is expensive, both in lives and in treasure. When Congress decides to forego its constitutional mandate to debate and declare war, it’s not the politicians that suffer. It’s the young men and women, currently of the Millennial generation, that are forced to fight these unnecessary wars.

What Senator Paul is attempting to do is to reintroduce a bit of sanity into the debate. Washington, D.C.’s eagerness to involve the United States in perpetual war must be challenged and that’s exactly what Senator Paul is doing. Millennials should champion his efforts and help protect future generations from being sentenced to a lifetime of unnecessary war.

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